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AOL mail is one of the free web-based email services that is used by people across the world. It provides users with an incredible service enabling them to connect with friends and exchange emails safely and securely. It continues to be the best email service provider for years because it provides a friendly and well-organized interface to access email services.

Apart from sending and receiving emails, it allows the user to access several other services such as search engines, gaming services, news headlines, trending videos, and much more without paying a single penny.

Several big firms prefer using AOL mail to connect with their employees within the official framework because they trust and find it the safest and secure email service provider.

AOL has several features to offer and make it popular among users across the world. Also, it allows the users to access several outstanding emailing features on their mail screen. Therefore, here we will discuss the features along with the steps to create and manage the AOL Account.

Features of AOL Mail

AOL has revamped their design, and new features have been added that attracts people. In addition to this, AOL Mail offers plenty of latest and advanced mailing features that provide a better mailing experience to its users.

Minimum system requirements for AOL Mail

The mentioned below are the minimum system requirements for AOL Mail. Therefore, the user can easily download and install AOL on the devices with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS. So, meet the following requirements to experience the features of AOL Mail.

Moreover, all users are suggested to download a supported web browser to experience AOL Mail services benefits.

Operating system (OS) that work with AOL Mail

Operating system (OS) that work with Basic AOL Mail

AOL Basic Mail allows the users to access their email even if the computer is not working at the highest capacity. While all AOL products work perfectly with the latest version of the browser, the basic mail may still work in an outdated browser.

Windows XP and Newer

It works excellent with the latest version of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and AOL Desktop Gold.

Operating system (OS) that work mobile AOL Mail

The users can easily access AOL on their mobile devices’ web browser with the minimum requirements mentioned below. Moreover, the requirements may vary if the user operates the AOL app on their Android or iOS device.

iOS 9.3 or later

Android 4.4 or later

How to create and Manage AOL Mail Account?

The users can easily personalize their AOL  to connect with their friends and family members. For all users, we have mentioned the steps to sign up for the AOL Mail account. Inclusive of this, the user can easily manage what to do if they have problems with their AOL account.

All users are recommended to follow the steps mentioned below regarding how to create an AOL Mail. 

    • Firstly, visit the official portal of AOL, i.e.,
    • Then the official page gets open on the screen.
    • After this, the users are suggested to click on the “Login/Join” option mentioned in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Then hit on the “Sign Up” option available at the bottom of the screen.
    • Then enter and submit the requested details.

All AOL users encounter common username and password related issues. That’s why the users are suggested to make a unique identity that enables them to access services such as AOL Mail or premium services.

AOL mail allows users to close their AOL Mail account whenever they want. But before deleting the account, ensure to cancel all pending subscriptions, services, or associated usernames.

Unfortunately, the user can’t change or modify the username of their AOL Mail account once created. The users who want different usernames, they have to create a new account.

AOL Mail Login Procedure

AOL Mail Login

All users should follow the below penned safe and secure option to access the AOL Account.

Follow the step by step method for AOL Mail Login.

  • First of all, open the web browser and then enter in the URL.
  • After this, the official page of AOL will open on the screen.
  • Then click on the login/Join option provided on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Now on the next page, enter the username, email address, or mobile number.
  • Then click on the “Next” button.
  • Note: The user can even sign in through Google, Yahoo ID, or Facebook.
  • Now insert the password and tap on the “Next” option to get signed in to the Mail account.

How to create a strong password?

All users are suggested to go through the following steps adhere below to create a strong password.

  • Ensure to use a unique password
  • Include 12 or more than 12 characters
  • Don’t be obvious
  • Avoid repeated or sequences
  • Make use of different sites for each website

So by following these procedures, one can easily create a strong password. 

How to fix problems sending AOL Mail?

The AOL Mail sending issue could be due to several reasons. However, most issues can be resolved through a couple of quick troubleshooting steps. So, thoroughly check the steps provided below and apply the same to fix problems sending AOL Mail.

Those who are facing problems while sending an email they can resolve it through a few troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshoot the issue by restarting the system. This will help the user clear the system’s internal memory, and it will also resolve many issues.

The users who are using an older or an outdated browser then try to access AOL Mail from a different browser. If the browser installation is not updated or does not support the system, update the existing browser, or download a new browser.

By resetting the browser’s cache, the browser gets back to its clear state. Hence, all little unwanted bits of information stored in the browser will get wiped out by doing this. So, reset it for better performance.

AOL Desktop Gold

AOL desktop gold offers various services such as mails, sports, games, browsers, news, and much more at a single platform. It allows the users to enjoy the incredible services provided by AOL Desktop Gold. But all users must download the AOL Desktop Gold. Therefore, we have discussed the steps to download and install AOL Desktop Gold for all users. 

AOL Desktop Gold Download Procedure

The AOL desktop download procedure varies from user to user. Thus, we have discussed the steps to download the AOL desktop Gold for new and existing users.

How to install AOL Desktop Gold?

Before initiating the installation procedure of AOL Desktop Gold, all users should carefully download the AOL Desktop Gold. So, for all users, we have below described the ways to install AOL Desktop Gold.

    • Then, click on the “Downloads” folder.
    • Search for the downloaded file from the search option.
    • Then double-tap on the “Install AOL Desktop” icon.
    • After this, click on the “Run” option.
    • After that, click on the “Install Now” icon.
    • By applying these steps, the user can easily install the AOL Desktop Gold on their system.

How to update “AOL Desktop Gold”?

After ensuring the system requirements details, all users are suggested to perform the following steps to update the “AOL Desktop Gold.” Once it gets updated, then it results in the improvement of the AOL Games slow performance and chats services also.

    • Open the application and then enter the account details.
    • After this, search for the “settings” option and then go to the “Update” column.
    • Sometimes, the user will have to enter the “About” section of AOL Gold to update the AOL Desktop Gold.
    • After this, click on the “Update” option and then wait for the “AOL Desktop Gold” to update.

Therefore with the help of these steps, the user can easily update the “AOL Desktop Gold.” Anyhow, suppose any user faces any issue during the update. In that case, get connected with AOL experts for an immediate solution for the problem. Moreover, once the error gets resolved, the user can easily run and update the “AOL Desktop Gold.”

AOL App For Android & iOS

For all AOL users, AOL App has been launched by the company. Therefore, through this application, the user can easily access their AOL  account from anywhere and anytime. Thus, to access the AOL  Account, the users are suggested to download the AOL mail application/software from the Apple store and Google Play Store. 

The AOL comprises exciting and surprising features that have made it easier for all users to access their email account with one click. Therefore, we have here enlisted the steps to download and install the AOL App for all users.

    • Firstly open the App Store or Google play store on the device.
    • After this, type “AOL mail” in the search bar.
    • Then the “AOL mail” App will open on the screen.
    • From there, click on the “Install” option.
    • Then the installation procedure will begin.
    • Now, wait for the application to download.
    • Once the application gets downloaded, then click on the “Open” option.
    • After this, the application will open and then read for the “Privacy Details.”
    • Then hit on the “I agree” option.
    • Then go to the settings option and from there, click on the “Add account” option.
    • After this, enter the credentials to access the AOL Mail account.
    • Note: The user can also create a new account from there if does not have an AOL Mail account.

So through the following steps, the user can easily use the AOL Mail app on their Android and iOS device.

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